Steering Committee on PFM

The structure of leadership and coordination mechanism of the Public Financial Management Reform Steering Committee (PFMRSC) is as follows:

  • PFMR Steering Committee chaired by Senior Minister in which Director General (DG) or Secretary General in charge of Finance from all ministries are members. This PFMRSC is a high technical level forum to monitor and coordinate among all government agencies.
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance Reform Commission (MEFRC) chaired by Secretary of State in which all directors of MEF are members.
  • Public Financial Management Reform Working Group (PFMRWG) at all ministries chaired by DG/Secretary General responsible for finance who is a member of PFMSC. Members of this PFMRWG should at least be Deputy Director of Finance or Accounting Department, Planning Department, and Project Management Unit who are responsible for implementing grant or loan from DPs if applicable.
  • General Secretariat Steering Committee (GSC) which serves both PFMSC and MEFRC and support and assist MEF Departments and PFMRWGs.

Diagram: Structure of leadership and coordination mechanism of SC