Public Financial Management Reform Steering Committee (PFMRSC) has established its General Secretariat, Steering Committee of the Public Financial Management Reform (GSC) with responsibility for day to day coordination and implementation of the project, including project planning, monitoring and reporting, procurement, disbursement and financial management. The GSC roles and functions are as follows:

  1. Supports and assists the PFMRSC in all administrative, procurement, logistic matters.
  2. Facilitates the PFMRSC functioning in all necessary ways, including preparation of necessary documents and organization of meetings/workshops/ seminars, etc.
  3. Coordinates and assists MEF Departments and Line Ministries as needed including formulation, implementation and monitoring of the reform program.
  4. Supports MEF Departments, Line Ministries with technical assistance
  5. Liaises with DPs and their own coordination and interaction mechanisms (e.g. liaison with DPs secretariat if there is going to be one)
  6. Liaises with other government agencies and other stakeholders
  7. Report on overall monitoring of progress of the reform program (macro level indicators and coordination of Departments’ monitoring), including regular updating on provision of TA to PFM activities
  8. Advise PFMRSC on remedial action when plans are threatened and undertakes other duties as requested by the PFMRSC

The GSC will be led by the Secretary General (SG) who will be supported a technical team consisting of Deputy General Secretaries (DSGs), a Head of Admin and Finance Devision, Senior Specialists, Specialists, a Finance Controller, an Accountant, an Administative Officer, a Budget Officer, a Procurement Officer, a Budget Assistant, an Account Assistant, an Administrative Assistant and a Secretary.