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Generally, in organizing seminars, training courses and meetings in the country, the cost categories described below are used as the basis for estimating the estimated budget for each activity. The budget preparer should quote only the necessary expenses and in accordance with the proposed action only to calculate the price.


Table 1: Costing list for the local workshop.


No. Costing Type Rate Sub-account Notice
1 Training package
(Include: Meeting Room, Snack, 2 Times and 1 Lunch)
100,000 Riel/People/Day 61103 Activities carried out at the hotel shall use the project contract (project cooperation contract)
Training package
(Including: meeting room, snack, lunch and lunch 1 time)
Training package
(Include: meeting room, snack, snack)
2 Snack 8,000Riel/People/Day 61103

-For the activity at RGC

-Snacks can be offered twice a week

-Do not use the supply contract

Lunch 28,000Riel/People/Day

The state institution's rent is a meeting place

Not provided

Copy the black and white file - one side

Duplicate Page, Copy black and white files

Copy the color file - one side

Duplicate Page, Copy the color files

Price for being the book 50 - 100Pages

Price for being the book 100 - 250Pages

70 - 90Riel/Page

100 - 120Riel/Page

1,500 - 2,000Riel/Page

3,000 - 4,000Riel/Page

2,000 - 3,000Riel/Page

3,000 - 4,000Riel/Page

61103 Use contract supply
4 Training material (Book, Pen, Folder) 8,000 - 20,000Riel/People 61103

-Calculation of fees is charged one time regardless of the number of days to be activated

-Use contract supply

5 Interpreting service



61103 Use contract supply

Interpreting service

-Khmer - English

-English - Khmer

-Presentation (Khmer or English)




61103 Use contract supply
7 Backdrop Fonts 400,000 - 1,000,000Riel 61103 Depending on the size
8 Perdiem 56,000Riel/Day 61122

-This rate is offered in the same way without dividing the role

-GSC will be notified if any changes are made

Perdiem - Accommodation 80,000Riel/Night 61123
Perdiem - Transportation Same as Table 2 61121


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